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Triforce Blessing: Janice into Princess Zelda TF by JanusDaDefender Triforce Blessing: Janice into Princess Zelda TF :iconjanusdadefender:JanusDaDefender 392 25 Blaine and Princess Skystar by VeryComicRelief Blaine and Princess Skystar :iconverycomicrelief:VeryComicRelief 9 3 Rock On by bunnikkila Rock On :iconbunnikkila:bunnikkila 11 9 Undertale Undercode by CAPTAIN-CHETO Undertale Undercode :iconcaptain-cheto:CAPTAIN-CHETO 4 1 Master-Rainbow's Favorite Pokemon Meme by Master-Rainbow Master-Rainbow's Favorite Pokemon Meme :iconmaster-rainbow:Master-Rainbow 265 42
MSPaint Download
It was announced today that Microsoft marked MS Paint as a deprecated program, which means it's not going to be developed anymore and, eventually, might be removed from Windows in future releases. Sad dummy Source
As a pixel artist, and for having used it since my childhood, this breaks my heart.
Yes, it will be available in the Windows Store at some point soon, for free - I heard the news. I have it disabled though, I just don't like it. I reckon this journal is still relevant to those who want older versions or simply don't wan't to fuss with Windows Store.
I've seen people asking around if someone had these older versions, and I provided it to a few myself - only my personal WinXP version, in Portuguese, though.
But today I've done something different: I got the Win95, Win98 and WinXP versions in English and wil
:iconshiicolate:shiicolate 136 107
Mega Whatolution? by oobidoobi Mega Whatolution? :iconoobidoobi:oobidoobi 121 38 Adagio as Lusamine (Inked) by RoboCheatsy Adagio as Lusamine (Inked) :iconrobocheatsy:RoboCheatsy 50 18 Plants vs Zombies by sapphireluna Plants vs Zombies :iconsapphireluna:sapphireluna 937 157 UT Gaming by ZerachielAmora UT Gaming :iconzerachielamora:ZerachielAmora 382 86 Plumaria Blaze by PurfectPrincessGirl Plumaria Blaze :iconpurfectprincessgirl:PurfectPrincessGirl 175 100 We Are Number One But It's A EQG Boss Battle by DashieMLPFiM We Are Number One But It's A EQG Boss Battle :icondashiemlpfim:DashieMLPFiM 115 17 it's ya boy Goomy by AceroTiburon it's ya boy Goomy :iconacerotiburon:AceroTiburon 259 33 Mettaton and Tsareena by ReneesInnerIrken Mettaton and Tsareena :iconreneesinnerirken:ReneesInnerIrken 158 110
Won't You Sing?|Meloetta x Bullied!Child!Reader
Meloetta whirled and twirled through the forest, enriching the air with her melodious humming, attracting the attention of the many Bug and Grass-type Pokemon dwelling in the bushes and trees.
Although Meloetta was free and happy as could be, she always felt like something was...missing. She heard how humans could be marvelous singers, and most of the time two would come together to sing a song.
'What was that word called again..?' She would wonder.
'Ah...a duet!'
That's what Meloetta wanted--to find someone who would sing a duet with her. Someone who was passionate about singing as much as she was.
But who?
"Here, this." You hushed softly, giving your Shiny Swablu, who you named Cotton, a Pecha berry. "I read these berries kill off poison."
"Swa..." Cotton opened its small beak, taking the sweet, tender berry from your hand before chewing it. Once he swallowed the fruit, he looked up at you, chirping happily. You giggled and hugged him.
"I'm glad you
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 179 31
Ashchu Plushie holders by Coshi-Dragonite Ashchu Plushie holders :iconcoshi-dragonite:Coshi-Dragonite 793 247


For a while I have been thinking about wanting to make videos. There was one kind of video series that sparked my interest: TTS videos (Text-To-Speech), specifically the ones starring one of the most well-known TTS Voices there is: Microsoft Sam.

Some of the most common videos starring him usually have him do stuff like: Read error messages that usually result in him spazzing out for our entertainment :D, read and sometimes misinterpret all kinds of random, funny signs (for instance: Warning, sharp edges. Do not touch the edges of this sign.) and much more.

Due to laziness and distraction by other things, I never managed to do it, until now. I created my first Microsoft Sam video, by the name of Microsoft Sam reads strange and funny signs.

If you are interested, Here is a link to my YouTube channel ---->…


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hello, im alexiscool33
i like cats and pokemon


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